New Artwork – Wood Assemblage

Wood Assemblage with turkey bone and deer antler, and leather and painted.

I have gone a few weeks without much inspiration to make art, but this weekend I suddenly had an idea.  I asked the pirate if he had any old pieces of wood, and he said no, but I found this on his back veranda and he said I could take it, he also gave me some old leather pieces for tying the boards together.  While I was in his basement, as he cut the leather, he told me to look in his toolbox where I found this piece of deer antler and a hollow piece of turkey bone.  The doll like figure is very similar to one I sketched a few months ago, but this one is more earthy and nature oriented.  I have a couple ideas for doing a small series using wood and other found objects, the pirate has a gorgeous piece of wood that he pointed out when I was in the basement and I cannot wait to see what I can do with it.


I also finished a piece I started years ago.  But honestly I am not all that happy with it, I think I put the hinges on wrong, and I think now looking at it that I put the pieces together wrong.  I am curious what others think of it.  I literally never finished it because of trepidation about the hinges and alas that was a huge problem, I dug the screwdriver hard into the soft area on the edge of my hand between my thumb and forefinger.







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