Cypress Knobs

Last summer at the Stone Tool show in Letchworth State Park, we found this bin of cypress knobs, one of them had been painted and I thought they were quite beautiful, but most beautiful of all was the form and natural beauty of the wood.  It looks to me like a bird, or a dolphin.

It is cold outside as I sit on the steps of the deck, catching an occasional whiff of the boiling bones of beaver and fox and raccoon that the Pirate is preparing for his own art.  I beg for one, which I want to make into a doll.  I can see it, in my mind’s eye. I am searching for the long grains and areas that seem to whirl like fingerprints in the wood.  I marvel at how beautiful it is on this small close scale.  I mark out the flaws and edges of flaws and the areas where there are cracks, finding that even the broken places are graceful, are stunning to look on.   I find myself wishing that the tips of the pens were pointier, more durable.  I find myself reminded of the Haida people’s wood carvings and painted animals it makes me curious if they too look to the inner beauty the structural beauty of the wood itself.  The grain of the wood lends itself beautifully to the freestyle doodling that I love to do so much.

cyprusdetail cyprusknob cyprusknob1 cyprustop cyprusturned

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