Ireland and Crane

My best friend has a son who is really into photography and she loaned me one of his photos to paint from.  This is my version of his photo, which I created as a gift for him and his family.  And people are already requesting prints. 🙂


I recently spoke to a professor at SUNY OSWEGO and I will be taking classes there as a non-matriculated student.  I hopefully will be taking a painting class, if not I will be taking an Illustration class.  This class will combine my love of painting with my love of computer art and mixed media work.  I am also going to be taking a class in Arts Administration at another school.  I am looking forward to retiring as soon as I can and supplementing my retirement income with a new line of work.

I have been working on a series of medicinal herbs and wild edibles.  I took the picture of borage in my friend’s garden.  It is a medicinal with a lovely quality of a soft gentle feeling of contentment.  But then you examine this stunner up close and realize how incredible the structure.  In the garden, surrounded by bees, that love this roadside weed, you only notice the fuzziness and the brilliant blue.  Upon close inspection the cathedral arches of crystal clear and purple and the little red tongue.  This will NOT be my last borage.  It is truly a remarkable flower.

IMG_0194 (2)

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