Teacher – Student – Novice

I see that what I do when I teach, is to create a basic foundation on which children can grow as artists.  As I work with them in drawing basic shapes to create something new, the artist looks for the basic shapes in the painting, shapes created by value.  I talk to my students about value, pointing out how to make it, how to recognize it, as the artist finds the values within a more complex piece.  Examining and analyzing the values and color values.  I teach about color, teaching about primary, secondary and complements.  The artist practices creating value within a work of art.

The teacher looks through magazines, and searches the internet.  The internet which insidiously makes the focal lens smaller and smaller, until only books on science fiction series are shown, while literature and emerging writers are wasted by the algorithms.  How can we make your choice better, how about by showing me something different.

Hungry for more, for something else, my tactics change.  Hours in the library.  Days following utterly random links from other people until new faces and new ideas emerge.

I am a fire lit.

I am doing it on my own, now. And it feels amazing.

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