Graduate Painting

The first few lessons we had in the class were based on finding the values shapes within a professional artist’s work of art.

I started with this by Van Gogh, which was difficult due to his struggle with composition and color shapes.


You can see how muddy the foreground is.  This is half of The Red  Field, the only painting he sold in his life time.

Next I looked at some work by Marcus Jansen

I am interested in his style of Urban Expressionism.  I also was looking for something very different from my own style and subject matter.

This is one of Jansen’s originals, my favorite (after painting) of the series of three.



I love this painting, while working on my copy, I noticed so many cool details that I did not notice in the picture of my book.  I am still noticing details, like this guy in the foreground in the wheel chair.  I couldn’t see the wheelchair despite intent looking!! There is a guy running in the background, and the video camera in the window.  It’s just a reall phenomenal painting.

Next I looked at this painting by Artemesia Gentileschi

Mine is chunky and blocky, but the goal is not to replicate it, but to focus on the shapes that are created by the values in each color.

Chris Mars was recently featured in “Hi-Fructose Magazine”  I love is macabre paintings.  Another woman in my class chose him too, though quite by accident, since hers was a library book.

The one on the left is mine, clearly Chris Mars has this fine brush stroke on the face and the female figure has a dewy albeit sickly skin tone.

The professor, Chris McEvoy, is super flexible with me, since I work full time and it’s a bit oF a hike to get to class.  But he is a great teacher.  I am learning so much from the class, and am eager to begin to apply what I have learned to my own work.  I have to stop myself a bit because I have worked in a vacuum for so long, my desire to take off and be alone is tangible for me.  But I am holding to following his direction.

Here is a color study we did, my paint was still wet and didn’t transport well, so it’s super gunky.  Sad face. Annoyed face.



When tidy these are truly beautiful to look at.

We also looked at Vermeer’s “Girl with a Water Pitcher” and then had to chose three different colors to change the mood of the painting.  I was inspired by a picture of a Painted door for my color scheme.


We are now working on still life paintings.  Here is one a masacred this weekend and a study for an upcoming painting.




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