Work In Progress



Palette Williamsburg Italian Yellow Ochre, Permanent Green, Sap Green, Payne’s Grey, Italian Black Roman Earth.  Gamblin, Naples Yellow Hue, Olive Green, Cobalt Blue, Cerulean Blue, Titanium White and Burnt Umber.

Brushes used, Princeton 16, 6 Bright, 4000R 8,4,2 Round

Here is the first en plein air, above is the abstraction that I am experimenting with.  Easy to do on this piece because I am not emotionally attached to it at all.  But I love how much brighter it looks, and how cool it looks.  Below, it feels like it was painted by a hack (maybe.  :/)   Should we call this reastraction?  Abstract Realism?  Realistic Abstraction?

Caughdenoy Original 


    • Thank you Maggie! If you look at my latest post I have completed that painting and show a transition for another piece. The latter is the beginning of a series of paintings that I will be completing over the next three weeks. I hope you check back to see what happens to them next.

  1. Meg, i can see the Burchfield influence. I think you’re abstracting this realistic work is like combining a lot of the two works you are used to creating. I love what you’ve written about your experience of en plain aire. (Sp?) Bravo! Keep working. Audrey

    • Hey soul sister! I love that you caught the Burchfield influence. My professor turned me on to him a few weeks ago. I am also really loving the Group of Seven Canadian artists and Emily Carr. Their abstractions of realistic plein air works are really intriguing and I cannot get enough of looking at them.

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