Pfaff Passport

machine applique

When my daughter moved into her own apartment several months ago, I was given my notice.  Mom, I want my sewing machine, not right now, because I know you use it, and right now I don’t have time, but eventually, I want it back.  Then one day I asked her where she got her jeans, and she told me they were the hand-me-downs my co-worker gave her, but she had hand altered them to be skinny jeans.  This was about two months ago, I knew my time was up.

I shopped around at a couple different stores, but her’s was a Pfaff Hobby, and I loved it.  It sewed thru anything, and the maintenance was low, and it was easy to use.  I was comfortable with it.

I went into the Pfaff store and they tried to sell me an old embroidery machine, the next day I went back and talked to the owner, she sold me the new Pfaff Passport, and I couldn’t be happier with it.

It has a little bit of everything.  It has their well known IDT walking foot, for even feed of the fabric, it has a free motion foot, a must have for me that was not on the Hobby, it has a number of decorative stitches, a high presser foot height (important to me because of various stuffed animals, namely bigfoot, who is made of fake fur).

In February my Mom bought fabric for a challenge quilt, one where two or more people get the same fabric and then make something with it.  I worked on mine all morning.  The very very best part of today’s art quilt making involved my adoration of the machine applique stitch.

And a few kisses to my Pfaff Passport.  Because I LOVE IT!!