Tiger Lily and Bird

“be like the flower, and turn your face to the sun.” ~ khalil gibran


we spend the morning clearing away the snow.  he works on his aunt’s driveway and i on ours, hers and his mother’s down the street.  the dog is joyful to be in the snow  the men are in the street snow blowing, the plow has not yet come through.  later i get a haircut and then spend some time shopping with and having dinner with, my daughter.  i come home late and crawl into his bed, he wraps his arms around me, holding me so close, with such strength.  I close my eyes and breath in the smell of him, and visions pass before my eyes, of birds and sunshine, and lilies.


Charm Belt

Charm Belt for my pirate costume

I made this booty belt, a charm belt for my pirate costume.  I was in the craft store when I found the thick copper chain.  I have a copper brooch that I wear with the costume and the other day Pirate came to my house with a small copper corset gun (a derringer sized pistol to place in between the girls).  The corset gun actually has movable parts a cocking mechanism and a trigger, he got it at the flea market for a dollar!  I also bought a hat with copper accents the other day at the Renaissance Festival.  So I guess copper is the ongoing theme in my costume although the dragons on my corset are red and gold (but they are dragons!)  The charms were all buy one get one free and I had a number of charms already at home.  I love charms and there are several really special ones on the belt.  For one is a small sterling silver elephant, I collect elephants which is why this one is so special to me.  There is a small silver filigree bird with a tiny charm attached to it that says freedom, which is a symbol that has has meaning to me since my divorce; birds represents freedom from the choking servitude that I bore when I was married.  There is a key which is another symbol to me, that of the steampunk tradition but it also represents the key to my heart, which in the end is love really but with the tattoo on my leg the key represents my daughter.  There is also a small pair of scissors, a representation of my sewing skills, crowns for the princess in me, a small miniature of a DaVinci painting, the artist in me, a cross in honor of the Pirate’s religion.  I am really pleased with this belt and want to find any excuse I can to wear it for other occasions!

Monkey Zombie Pirate

Finally after several weeks of not really making any worthy art I have started to get creative again.  I have a friend who dresses up as a pirate for fun at pirate festivals and the Renaissance Fair.  He recently bought this stuffed monkey to add to his costume (along with a cane toad purse which was very cool!!)  He asked me if I would Zombi-fi the monkey for him.  I wanted to get some ideas and inspiration, so I typed Zombie Pirate Monkey into Google and found there is a website by that same name, which is ridiculously funny to me.  My friend asked me to do this and then, and then he actually took out a box of beads and said I could look through it.  I found this to be a rather dangerous thing, I suppose trustworthiness does not pay on such occasions.  He had some great skull beads and he also had some animal vertebrae, some stones riddled with tiny holes from one of my favorite places in the region called Chimney Bluffs.  There were other lovely beads in the two boxes he had.  He also had a bone that he said he thought was from a turtle.  He is an avid hunter and fishes too, I wasn’t sure if he said he got the bone from one of his excursions or if a friend had given it to him.

Once I got the monkey back to my studio I started to look through my fabric.  I love that time when you start to go through your fabric and you discover pieces you didn’t remember.  So as I was looking for some fabric that would serve well for making the teeth I found some purple fabric with ghostly skulls running in a long line down the length of the fabric and made that into the scarf.  I also had some fabric that is my least favorite color, brown, and it has pink skulls on it but the cross bones are knitting needles, a must buy the minute I saw it at Mission Rose in North Syracuse.  I made that into the belt.  My Mom was visiting and sewing at one table and I doing my hand sewing at another.  She helped me sew a couple of items on the machine too.  So the end result of a relatively normal looking stuffed monkey, with a hangman’s noose to hold it to The Pirate’s belt.



Monkey Zombie Pirate Face detail


The Pirate Hook for the Monkey Zombie Pirate

Market Beads

Beads from Market Beads

So I went to this store after work today.  I have been there before, one day last summer, but was feeling like visiting again.  It is a great little store, with a hippy clothing store next door.  The ladies there are super nice and seem to have a healthy obsession with beads, good for any beadstore.  I found these awesome bamboo beads that I couldn’t get enough of and have an idea for a beaded tree which comes from a quote about a jewelled tree in a myth from a Joseph Campbell book I am reading called Myths to Live By.