Paul Cezanne and American Abstract Artists


One of the first master copies I ever did was one of the incarnations of Paul Cezanne’s Mt. Saint Victoire.  During a critique the other day I was called an American Abstract artist which made me think of my inspirations throughout the years, Cezanne, the artists of The Steiglitz liniage, O’Keeffe, Hartley and Dove and how I have noticed some similarities in their paintings as shown above.  Less so with the O’Keeffe but I am sure there is one out there I have to find it, that shows direct influence of Cezanne.

These are a few favorites:


I am also a big fan of Henry Moore (not an American abstract artist but a defining influence) and his flowing forms and smooth lines

And and the simplified shapes and smoothness of the paint and the flowing lines of Thomas Hart Benton

Other artists her artists whom I love and have influenced me are Wassily Kandinsky, Kathe Kollwitz and Ansel Adams:

What these all have to do with each other is beyond me at the moment.  Maybe a better analyst can help me figure it out?  I would love to hear someone else’s thoughts on this.


Photos of No Particular Consequence

Ocean Eye
Moray Eel
Shark with Sun Pouring In
Jellyfish Ballet
Jellyfish Ballet
Jellyfish Ballet
Jellyfish Ballet

I put my hand in the water, there is a big one lying there on the bottom, quite out of reach.  But he sees me, I know it, I can feel it, I can tell he is judging me.  A smaller one swims by and swims by again.  I gently splash the water trying to call the bigger one to me.  I give up and step away and at just that moment he comes to me, I put my hand in the water and run it along the ridges by his eyes, the slick smoothness of his skin, the rough bumps.  Then I run my hand along the edge of him and to the hard bump at the very front tip, he wiggles it a little as I touch him, a subtle movement, but it is there.  I commune with him for some minutes, but we have dinner reservations and this was our last stop.  I walk away, touched in deep way, I have a new found love of this animal.  I have taken no pictures, not like the half hour I stared transfixed by the dancing jellyfish, turning on the light again and again, taking picture after picture.  No this is different.  I felt this animals intelligence, rather than being transfixed by my own.  Others were feeding them, one child was frightened, asking me, aren’t you afraid he will sting you.  No I say, he is so gentle.  He watches, unsure.  But as I leave he sticks a tentative finger in the water.