Experiments with Micron Pen

Steampunk Woman
Experiments inspired by Megan Massacre
Experiments from the book Tattoo Sourcebook

Still working on this experimental stuff, playing with what I know how to do and breaking out of it too.  Taking the time to study other people’s work and style in order to improve on my own.  I have been really thinking alot about the kind of drawing I do with my students, all the pieces I toss out because I am just drawing with the kids, but then wanting to some how create work out of those drawings.  Make them more than the brief simple sketches they are, usually.  I know this work is unfinished and lacking any kind of sophistication, which ironically is a good description of me.  Still in need of sanding down the rough places, and without any guile whatsoever.

I really would welcome feedback.  Please!! Comment, Critique (did i say criticize?  No, a critique is feedback that attempts to guide, not roadblock or damage!) offer positive suggestions, seriously I am trying to grow here!!  Thank you!!


Artisans in Central New York

Here are a list of some of the artisans that I really enjoyed at the Salt City Urban Arts and Crafts Market.


Vicki Hartman a ceramic artist.  I love her subtle colorings, they look almost like faded watercolors on natural “white” (ecru) clay.  I really liked her work, but was not really in the market for anything ceramic.  But I did tell her that I loved her TV’s.  They are really cool, but then I somehow got into a conversation with her about how much I despise TV, and we went back and forth with the shifting use of TV for both of us, first averse and then obsessed.  Also how from not watching TV and then going back to it again how you find yourself looking at it critically and dubiously. Although this is a personal account of what I discussed with her, it only increased my interest in her work.

All opinions and observations are solely those of this writer and are not meant to reflect on the ability of the artist.  This sarcasm is meant for another but will be nicely added here I think.

Nancy Lenker Topolski Second Seed is the name of her company.  Her lovely little monsters, fingerless gloves and the only felting or more accurately fulling (the art of taking a knitted piece and intentionally shrinking it is often mislabeled felting but is truly fulling, felting is when you take the unspun fibers or roving  and mat them together to create a fabric) any way back to it, the ONLY fulling I have ever seen that did not look lumpy and misshapen mainly because she fulls them first then sews them into the object.  Beautiful work.  Love it!  On her etsy site I see more artwork that is intriguing, with a fine steampunk feel.

Krista DeJoseph of Queens Metal I love the quote by Ani DiFranco on her website. “I think pretty is nice, but I would rather see something new.”  HA! I was initially drawn to her work because of the very cool steampunk look of it.  Old fashioned metals juxtapozed in interesting ways.  I also found some ordinary (non steampunk) lovely little post earrings for my daughter for Christmas.  Although she told me last night she doesn’t want earrings now.  Oh well.  Cannot change your xmas list a month and a half away from the day.  But her metal work is not typical, which as Ani DiFranco says is what I would rather have.

Alice Muhlback of Spirit and Kitsch I loved her ravens.  Of course I love crows which are cousins to the raven in the Corvid family.  She also keeps a blog http://aliceartopia.blogspot.com/ which also endears me to her.  Her work is cute and whimsical but somehow I think it has a dark side that all that cuteness hides a satirical wit.  I could be wrong of course, remember these are my opinions.

I just want people to see some new and great art.  Something that hasn’t been published a thousand times from a thousand different sources and isn’t marketed to death.  Real artists doing real work.  Not corporate conglomerations painting sheep and camoflage on our bodies, hearts, minds and souls to keep the world from knowing our true selves, to keep us from knowing our true selves.

Casey Wright of Peaches Products Because anything else is the pits.  I loved loved loved her little felt animals.  I bought a tiny little felted crow for Alistair my pet crow, who should not be called a doll but a Fabric-American.  Doll is an insulting term like puppet.  Horrible.  Seriously her animals are freaking adorable!

And last but surely not least Amanda Preske I loved her reuse of computer parts coated in resin.  She had some other lovely beaded jewelry but I really liked the computer items which you will see in her etsy shop.  I love that she is finding a use for something that would otherwise go to a landfill.  I also like that it is unusual and that is what caught my attention.  Thank you Amanda for pointing me in the direction of your bi-annual art shows, I surely hope I can actually have an opportunity to show my animals there in the future, and if not that I will be able to make the trip to Rochester in the spring to check out the next one.

Artisans are great.  They make it possible to be yourself unique, they are themselves expressively unique.  I hope you like their work as much as I did.


Steampunk goggles

Steampunk Goggles

My buddy Joe gave me a whole bunch of samples of leather from a local (but also international) furniture store.  I have had them sitting around for awhile.  Early on in my steampunk adventure I found a video showing how to make goggles from a baseball and gatorade lids.  Instead of using the baseball for the leather I just used one of the scraps I had.  I think it looks okay for a first attempt, and it is just for a Halloween costume so I guess it will do.  It was fun, and I really enjoyed trying it out.  I have to have more confidence in myself when it comes to making mock ups and stuff.  It isn’t as hard as I always think it is.  Continuing my adventure into Zombies now.  Off to sew the ones I cut out yesterday and cut out the one I drew this morning.

Salt City Urban Art and Craft Market

Went to this underground art show today with my friend.  We were both really disappointed that it was so small.  I was thrilled to see so many people with steampunk accessories.  I even bought a couple things.  Christmas gifts that are handmade, even if not be me, are so much better than store bought gifts.

Anyway here are a couple little items I wanted to share.

Key Chain Dolls

Here are some key chain dolls that I made this afternoon.  There is a prisoner, a zombie and two Steampunk brick wall ones.  I think of that song She’s a Brick House by the Commodores when I sew them. 

They are quick and fun to make.  I am using these great swivel clasps by Jim Holtz idea-ology, I am worried because I cannot find them on the craft store web site, I am almost out so I might have to stop by there some time this week.

Here they are:

Key chain monsters

Steampunk in Fall 2010 Fashion

My obsession with Steam punk has been well fed lately.  I have discovered that several science fiction series shows are very much Steampunk, from Torchwood to Warehouse 13 to Sanctuary; it is also prevalent in many movies.  The appearance of goggles and dirigibles is becoming nearly ubiquitous.  I am discovering also that the Steampunk movement is in this years fashions for fall.  I have lost some upper body weight through yoga I guess and most of my shirts are too big.  Yesterday while taking out my fall clothing I noticed that I had at least 6 long sleeved tshirts which were too large to wear to work.  So I took my first paycheck of the year and headed out to the store.  The longer length A-line skirts, the ruffle fronted blouses, the use of lace and subtle flower patterns, the military style pants and jackets and the little newsboy caps and clothing with zippers and grommets are all part of what one would find when setting up a steampunk outfit.

I have purchased a new simple black A-line skirt, a cute little military jacket, a newsboy cap, and a pair of lace up calf high boots.  My daughter teases me when I get home, nice steam punk jacket Mom, nice steam punk boots Mom.  I have to laugh, I really just wanted a skirt I could wear long underwear under in the winter, and a pair of boots that would hide the long underwear, I wanted a jacket that had good pockets for walking the dog, and well the cap was so cute and back before I had my daughter I was known for wearing cute hats.  But honestly yes, I love the fact that this years fashions echo my steampunk beating heart.

Here are a few images from the internet

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