Experiments with Micron Pen

Steampunk Woman
Experiments inspired by Megan Massacre
Experiments from the book Tattoo Sourcebook

Still working on this experimental stuff, playing with what I know how to do and breaking out of it too.  Taking the time to study other people’s work and style in order to improve on my own.  I have been really thinking alot about the kind of drawing I do with my students, all the pieces I toss out because I am just drawing with the kids, but then wanting to some how create work out of those drawings.  Make them more than the brief simple sketches they are, usually.  I know this work is unfinished and lacking any kind of sophistication, which ironically is a good description of me.  Still in need of sanding down the rough places, and without any guile whatsoever.

I really would welcome feedback.  Please!! Comment, Critique (did i say criticize?  No, a critique is feedback that attempts to guide, not roadblock or damage!) offer positive suggestions, seriously I am trying to grow here!!  Thank you!!


Megan Massacre

Last night while I was looking at Ed Hardy images, and then generally getting lost on the internet looking at tattoos in general and then apparently becoming an obsessed fangirl and looking for more deconstructed doll/pin-up images from NY Ink’s Megan Massacre, I realized that she is really the deconstructed doll/pin-up herself and so I started doing some sketches of her this morning.  I tried for a while to make it look like her, but realized after a few failed attempts that the idea was the deconstructed doll, so I did a pretty good sketch.  It has some issues and I will be trying it again at some point, but the idea for me right now is to be inspired and start putting stuff on paper and then sharing it.  By the way this is not my usual subject matter at all, my art is usually very Raggedy Ann like, more in keeping with who I am.  I am really digging the Goth Barbie Doll thing though, its freaking cool as hell.  I want to deconstruct a Barbie, tattoo her and color her hair red and goth up her make-up.  Dude, toy store?  HA!!

Deconstructed Doll/Pin-up: Inspired by Megan Massacre