Custom made or pre-made hats, mittens, socks and other knitted items. 

I use either a 60/40 washable wool blend perfect for long wear and durablity.  Supremely washable.  Best for hats and mittens.

A variety of washable 75/25 wool nylon very washable and durable blend for socks.  

Or whatever I either have on hand or purchase for making clothing items.  I prefer superwash wools or linen cotton blends for their durability and washable qualities.  If you are going to spend this much on a sweater it better not shrink or pill!!!!!

available in your choice yarn, please speak to me for yardage needed before purchasing.  

I prefer not to make afghans or knit in lace or intarsia kniting.  Afghans are too cost prohibitive and lace is just not my strength and intarsia always bunches up on me and I hate how it looks. 

Color-works in Fairisle styles, cables, and knit purl patterning are my strengths.